A Brief Summary

This here is a page for those just beginning to read my blog. It was requested by a fellow reader and follower of my blog, and as always, I aim to please. xxx


December 2010

The reason I started this blog was because I did something really stupid: I ruined a relationship with an old friend by talking to her boyfriend. In a span of two days we had gone from friendly banter, to flirting, to exchanging photos with private body parts on them. And then I got drunk and told my friend, Raquel, everything. The next day, I told my husband Henri everything. Instead of being angry, he told me that he was glad that it was only restricted to phone calls and chatting, and that we didn’t have an actual affair. But the guilt of what I had done was tearing a hole inside me, and I felt that, to no one in particular but to anyone who did or felt the same way I did, I began this blog, to explain my side of the story. Before the year was over, Henri and I had multiple conversations about why I did it in the first place: monotony in our relationship, more accurately, our sex life. We agreed to try new things.

January – November 2011:

Henri began using pills to enhance his sexual performance. We quickly stopped using them when he began having some bad reactions to it (fatigue, headache, etc) . Around that same time, Raquel and I tried to be friends again, but that lasted about a month an a half. Before February was over, so were we as friends. In the spring Henri and I reintroduced the idea of the Agreement, an acknowledgment we have where we could have sex with other people, but not retain an amorous relationship with anyone but each other. In late June we realized we had bed bugs, forcing me and my son to stay in my in-laws house while Henri was responsible for cleaning the apartment and getting it fumigated. While at my in-laws, due mostly to loneliness because Henri and I had never been apart this long since we began living together, I began chatting with people I could potentially meet up with, but that led nowhere. I also wrote my first piece of erotic fiction in September. From here to mid November my fiction and non-fiction writing took flight, and this was a time where I was at my most creative, both on the blog and in the bedroom. But then I began having complications from missing my thyroid medication, and went into a state of depression until after the New Year.

January – September 2012

Almost as soon as the year began, my father’s health began to decline increasingly. I wrote here and there and tried to update, but I spent most of the time taking care of my personal family concerns. We moved into a new apartment, and my fathers’ health got worse, being hospitalized twice. Sometime in the summer, Henri and I once again spoke seriously about the Agreement. We had been going through a dry spell, and I was really getting tired of having the same kind of sex all of the time. In late August, he and I signed up to a dating/hook-up site. In September, my father passed away.

October 2012 – April 2013:

We began having difficulties in our sex life when Henri’s health becomes a factor in it; his diabetes begins to interfere. Henri expresses to me that he still does not feel ready to have sex with someone else, but gave me his blessing so that I may do so. We fine tuned some of the details of our agreement, and I decided to go ahead and actually try to meet someone. In November, I began talking to Alejandro. We spoke for about two to three weeks, and then finally chose to meet up at a motel. He is the first man I had sex with outside my marriage to Henri. Three weeks later, I met up with someone new, Omar. For now, Alejandro and I have a fuck-buddy situation. After an unsatisfactory meeting with one man, I decided to cancel my membership with the old hookup site, and join another site I researched. After having one meeting that was a disappointment from this new website; but there still is hope:  A man contacted me with the hopes of finding a playmate for his slave, and possibly, a new sub for himself. He has currently offered to train me and become my Dom and after having our first meeting, I accepted.

May 2013 – August 2014

Sir and I fell into a state of separate emotional turmoil. He was going through a various amount of personal bad luck, along with the betrayal of his longtime slave. I was going through old demons that had resurfaced with my insecurities. We saw each other a total of four separate times in 2013. After having explained to Sir that my sexual desires were increasing and that I needed someone to take the brunt of those desires in a way I could not do with him, I was granted permission by Sir and Henri in January 2014 to find a sex buddy/friend with benefits. I am currently still looking, with very little success. Stay tuned…

September 2014 – Current 2015

As of late September, I have not heard from Sir Dre. We had sex late August, to which he came to my home for the first time. Our last phone conversation ended in good spirits, and I know I haven’t done anything wrong, so while I can only guess to why I haven’t heard from him, I am currently Domless, whether he returns or not. The future of this blog is currently undecided, but while I simmer on that, I’ll be working on my marriage and family affairs.


And there it is. I hope you’re all caught up 😉 xxx


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    This is a great idea! Very helpful. Thanks.

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    I will not share many details, but I can relate to much of what you wrote. Thank you for sharing such personal things.

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      This is why I have this blog, so that I may meet people like yourself who can relate :-) xxx

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    lovely to meet you, i am in some ways in a similar situation, whilst my husband and i have always been in an open/poly relationship 3 years ago i , with his agreement, started to explore my submissive side and this led to me meeting my Master, an amazing and life changing experience. it is so wonderful to come across someone else who understands how this does not effect your love for your life partner.

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      Nice to meet you too! And yes, I agree, I don’t meet too many people in the same situation as I am, so this is very refreshing. xxx

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