The People

I’m always “adding” new people to my blog. The world evolves, and so does my story. Some people are mentioned in passing, but for the most part, there are some steady characters in my life. For anyone just starting or if you have gotten lost on the way, here is the list of people that matter in my blog, and their relation to me. If you want a general briefing, go here.


Henri– My husband

Sebastien– My son

Sienna– My sister

Chloé– My best friend
Pierre– My brother-in-law (Henri’s brother and Sienna’s occasional lover
Alejandro- The first man I slept with outside of my marriage
Raquel– An ex-friend

Bryan– Raquel’s boyfriend

Kira (K)– The girl with whom my sister was head over heals “in love” with her first year in college.

Brianna (B)- Sienna’s friend, who began as a crush. These two have obvious chemistry, but have yet to date.

The Thompson’s- The first family I had lived with, for five years.

The Morrison’s- The second and last family I lived with, for almost 6 years.
Sunshine– A very good friend of mine, who I met while she was managing my son’s early academics.
Maurice- Henri’s best friend, whom I go to for advice from time to time, and thought I became good friends with.

Sir Dre– My ex-Dom.


People that are striked out are those I no longer speak to and/or mention in my blog.

4 thoughts on “The People

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    oxford charlie

    Came across this on and very glad i did, mucho hot.

    oxford charlie

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      Thank you Charlie! Glad to have you here!

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    I hate to be a pain, but can you add a Table of Contents or something so that we (the readers) can go back and catch up in an easy fashion?

    Thanks so much!!!!!

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      I will try. I have thought of it actually, I guess your request is now an incentive. xxx

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