A Change of Season

A Scarlet leaf that fell and found me.

The leaves were green and shedding their
Waxy exterior
When our eyes last met.
Now yellowing, some have begun
Their descent
Into the ground they’ll go, a new cycle to begin.
I feel the warmth of your memory
Growing as the days get colder;
Perhaps because my hope has not died
That I will see you sooner than expected.
I keep the feeling on my lips burning,
And the shivers left from your fingertips
On my thighs
Remain like the ardent etchings of a tattoo.

You are a rare Creature, one who
Takes flight
For a momentary and unnatural hibernation,
Where you disappear for moons
And ignore the change of seasons.
While you are gone, I cannot guarantee
Not to fall,
Or freeze with the coming snow,
Nor grow along the daisies in the Spring.
I await the fear of growth that comes from the
Seedling you planted,
Now much too long in the nature of our history.
I hope you rest well, dearly intrinsic Creature, and
Return as bright as the sun that will greet you.


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