My Naughty List

As many visitors to my blog have noticed, most of my entries revolve around my sex life or sexual fantasies. I am a very sexual person, and I believe many people are, whether they have had many partners, or one partner, virgin or whore, sex is in every aspect of our lives, and I enjoy embracing that. So, below is a list of naughty things I have done (red), and things I would like to do (black or white, depending on the web layout), in no particular order. I will eventually update this page as I remember what I’ve done, or think of something new. Enjoy!

(New additions will be marked with a star)

  • Sex in a club (full of people)
  • A threesome (MFM, FMF. FFF)
  • An orgy
  • BDSM session (at least once)
  • Sex on a roof
  • Sex in a car (in broad daylight at a supermarket parking lot)
  • Sex with a woman (or women; the more the merrier)
  • Sex with a complete stranger
  • One night stand 
  • Having sex as someone watches
  • Sex on the beach
  • Sex in a park (many parks actually)
  • Creating a sex tape
  • Sex while tied to the bed
  • Sex with a foreigner (not the same as sex with a stranger)
  • Hand job a stranger (male and/or female)
  • Masturbate as someone watches
  • Sex with someone younger than me (of legal consensual age)
  • Sex with someone much older than (Over 5 years older)
  • Have someone fuck me with a dildo (this was really hot!)
  • Have a woman fuck me with a strap-on
  • Fuck someone with a strap-on (man or woman, I am dying to be the one with the cock…)
  • Double penetration without two men 
  • Double penetration with two men
  • Sex in a pool (out doors)
  • Giving a man a blow job as he is driving (very dangerous!)
  • Have sex on a plane
  • Sex in a hospital
  • Oral sex on a public bus (I was the giver; I love to give…)
  • Oral sex in a museum
  • Have sex while speaking on the phone to someone else
  • Role playing 
  • Watching my husband fuck another woman
  • Have sex in a tree (like a treehouse, or on the branch. But in a tree)
  • Sex on top of a washing machine (while washing)
  • Sex on a water bed
  • Having someone play with my pussy on an amusement park ride
  • Using food in the bedroom (ice cream, syrups, whipped creme, donuts…)
  • Having sex on a fountain (despite my story, I’ve never done this)
  • Sex or sexual act in a library
  • Give blow job in the back seat of a moving car
  • Give blow job to the person driving the car as they drive
  • Watch a couple having sex through web cam
  • Watch a couple having sex in person
  • Create a sex tape with my husband and have the guts to put it online.
  • To have sex in a bathtub of chocolate syrup (sounds weird, but why not?)
  • Sex in the snow (this one might be difficult)
  • Have sex while someone is intentionally listening and telling them what is going on (phone sex and actual sex, simultaneously)
  • Full on sex with someone forbidden (this may sound selfish, but I’m willing to do it as long as the other person can keep a secret) 
  • Hand job/oral with someone forbidden (again, as long as they can keep the secret)
  • Sex in the rain
  • Sex on a balcony
  • Masturbating on a balcony
  • I once masturbated in school. In the middle of class. While we were watching a film. Good times…
  • Audio recording myself masturbating or having sex and sending it to people. I tend to do this a lot actually.
  • Sex with a person I met online.
  • Sex in an office. (Who wouldn’t want to be fucked bent over a desk?)
  • Post a sexy photo of me online. (here on the blog or elsewhere)
  • * Receive payment for sex or sexual deed
  • * Sex act in a public train
  • * Participate in an all woman orgy (which would be heaven for me)
  • * Post a video of me giving a blowjob online.

Keep in mind that any of these, unless otherwise specified can happen with either sex. Male or female, or both, I don’t discriminate ;-).

-Scarlett xxx

21 thoughts on “My Naughty List

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    We have much in common…I may need to start something along these lines. I have recently hit a wall with ideas, and this is great. Do you mind if I steal it?

      li class="comment odd alt depth-2" id="comment-203">

      Steal away 😉

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    Well I finally got around to starting my list. Gave you a shout out as well.

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        That is a LOT of syrup. LoL

        I like the “phone sex” idea…email me and I will give you my phone number. 😉

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    Very intriguing! 😉

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    I like your list and I think that Lo has accomplished a few more on it than you. BTW, she loves to be fucked with her dildos when she’s exhausted me. She has unbounded sexual appetite!

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    p.s. – Not that it’s a competition or anything.

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    Enjoying your blog — found via The Sex Experiment site.

    Ought to go through that list myself, hmmm — 30 done, with appropriate switches of gender.

    By the way, snow isn’t difficult, just cold and by necessity a quickie.

      li class="comment odd alt depth-2" id="comment-211">

      Thank you! I love new readers 😉 xxx

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    You’re no shrinking violet, I’ll say that…

      li class="comment odd alt depth-2" id="comment-213">
      Scarlett DuBois

      The funny thing is, I actually am really shy. But public sex is such a rush! And who wouldn’t want to be that couple caught fucking that the person remembers for the rest of their life? xxx

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    the Vikings Succubus

    WOW… the list. Can’t believe i’ve done most of this with my husband before age 21. I’m actually quite proud of it. Four kids and 22 yrs of marriage later i find myself randomly giving him road head on the way to the grocery store or wherever, getting fingered at back to school night and my fave..fucking during Sunday mass in the church bathroom.

      li class="comment odd alt depth-2" id="comment-215">

      Same here…although my favorite now is to have sex with a house full of people xxx

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    (I wrote a comment already but somehow it found its way onto another post)

    Amazing! I feel very inadequate – haven’t achieved a quarter of all this. And there are some who have even longer lists!

      li class="comment odd alt depth-2" id="comment-217">

      (I removed the other comments, no worries)
      Thanks, although I know how you feel about the inadequacy; there are people out there I envy because of the things they’ve done! xxx

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    what a great idea! i may or may not “copy” your idea. Not sure on how “open” I really wanna be. however, it’s a good way to get an idea about the blogger. :)
    Happy Blogging

      li class="comment odd alt depth-2" id="comment-219">

      Happy blogging to you too! :-) xxx

    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1 parent" id="comment-220">

    I love finding others with sexual bucket/naughty list!! I got a few ideas to add to mine!

    Keep up the naughtiness!

      li class="comment odd alt depth-2 parent" id="comment-221">

      Thank you! I have to add more too; I see them as sexual goals to reach 😉 xxx

        li class="comment even depth-3" id="comment-222">

        Exactly, though I do tend to list just about any possible sexual activity whether I may plan to do it or not so I can comment if I choose not to. :)

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