Anyone want to answer some questions?

A lovely friend of mine who is an undergrad in school has a women’s studies paper due next week. I would like to say she is a procrastinator, but she’s working two jobs, living in a shitty situation, going to school and keeping up a 4.0 average on four hours of sleep most of the time, so to help a friend out, I’ll let it slide this time.

Now this is when all of you awesome bloggers come into play. I’m trying to get as many people as possible to answer some (or all) of the questionnaire. She wants to write a paper about the positive aspects of female sexuality and self, and expand on the stories of people currently living an ‘alternative’ lifestyle that society deems taboo, especially if you are a blogger sharing those experiences.

I’ve already answered the questionnaire, and will post the answers in a separate entry, but below are the questions separately. Copy and paste them into a writing program or straight onto an email, and when you are done with your answers, send via email at: [email protected]. In the subject line, please write Questionnaire.

Do not use your real name. Use your blog name or any other alias you would prefer to go by and only provide answers to questions you are comfortable with. She needs your answers by Friday December, 6th.

By the way, she says Thank You in advance!

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1. This isn’t really a question, but tell me a little bit about yourself.

2. If you had to rate your self-esteem level from 1 to 10, what would it be and why?

3. Have you ever faced any trauma due to sexual activity?

4. Would you consider yourself to be sexually adventurous?

5. Tell me about the BDSM lifestyle and how you got into becoming a Dom/Domme/slave/sub.

6. How has your marriage/relationship and/or sex life been affected overall after your most recent encounters?

7. Do you feel like you would be judged for being married with a child and having two or more sex partners?

8. Does sex make you feel wanted, beautiful, and/or sexy?

9. What worries you the most when it comes to intimacy? This could be now or in the past.

10. How have your sexual experiences helped you become expressive?

11. Do you see this current sexual lifestyle you’re in being a permanent one?

12. What turns you on the most? (in a person or yourself)

13. Why do you think society objectifies women so much, yet expects them to play the innocent, untouched role? Do you feel it causes women to retract sexually?

14. What advice would you give a woman struggling in the sex department due to the lack of self-confidence?

15. If there is anything you would change about yourself and sex life? What would it be and why?

16. How do you feel about masturbation and pornography?

17. How has your blog helped you overall?

18. Is there anything you’d like to add before closing up? It could be about sex, expression, beauty, protection, women, or just a general message for women of the world.

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2 thoughts on “Anyone want to answer some questions?

  1. I’d like to answer the questionnaire, but here’s a question of my own. While it’s true that I’ve had a lot of experience with the BDSM lifetstyle, (6 years worth) my experience is not current, and goes back to the late 1990s. So would my input be relevant for your friend’s paper?

    Why has it been so long since I was last involved in the BDSM scene? Because in 2001 I met and married a wonderful woman who is not into it at all. She’s not judgmental of people who are into it, it’s just not what she’s sexually into, which is okay for me, because she does love sex and frequently. Just not that kind of sex…

    Anyway, please let me know whether I can help or not.

    • atrueunfolding

      I think your input would be very valuable, especially to have made the choice not to be in the lifestyle for the sake of your wife, and still be happy. It would be interesting to get that viewpoint: life after the lifestyle. Thank! xxx

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