Beneath your Beautiful

There are moments in time, an hour, a week, a month—which ever stands out–that you feel the luckiest, the most loved, and highly desired by one person. It feels right; cosmic in the sense that you know you belong in this moment and no one else could have taken your place. That love and fondness can exist in a moment of such global and personal sadness; and although you know what awaits for you when you fall from this cloud, the view was worth the climb…

Poor Henri hadn’t been in the gym for almost two weeks, so when he finally went yesterday, he came back sore to the point of losing his appetite. Despite that, he continued snatching at my tits and grabbing my ass, smacking it from time to time. When we put our son to bed, I went to take a shower while he relaxed and watched a movie. As per proper pussy care, I do not put on underwear immediately after washing up unless I’m in a rush to go somewhere. I basically let my pussy air dry. Most of the time (like right now as I sit here typing) I don’t wear any panties under my pants at home, again, unless I am going somewhere of good distance. A quick trip to the grocery store (right down the block) does not count. So, there I was splayed open on the bed, opposite the fan, carelessly airing my cunt and watching some unimportant television show.

“Mmmm, that looks delicious,” Henri said with a twitch of his eyebrows and broad grin. I jokingly rebuffed him, thinking that I was doing him a favor and it wasn’t only because his body was in pain. In the past, we have had less than successful pussy eating sessions. I am not one to fake anything; there have been times where he has eaten me out and I just lay there, not entertained, not enjoying myself. It may be harsh, but I either end it and go to bed or change positions and take over to avoid hurting his feelings. So last night, despite the fact that the last time he ate my pussy it was quite amazing, I brushed off his comments, even telling him “I don’t think you can physically handle this tonight” and putting shorts on. He looked at me with an “Oh really?” look on his face and pushed against me, causing me to fall on the bed.

He spread my legs wide open, moving my shorts to the side, and went in wholeheartedly. He was vicious, and in a few minutes time I felt guilt for doubting him. I grabbed at sheets, and held my legs open wide, assisting him by holding onto my shorts, so he could just focus his tongue lapping up my juices. His fingers probed my ass, and there was no second guessing from either one of us. In shutting down for almost a month, I hadn’t had any anal sex or anal play, until about four days ago. It wasn’t the same by myself, I quickly realized, his fingers awakening the rest of my lethargic libido. I’ve missed it so much.

“I’m…I’m ssso…” I couldn’t get the words out. They lodged in my throat upon every thrust of his finger. “I’m sorry…I won’t say that ever again.” The apology was genuine and flew out of my lips before I could process it in my brain.


He stopped abruptly and mockingly said, “Nah, I can’t handle it tonight.” He faked disinterest while he walks to the other side of the room, but I ignore him and remove my shorts, assuming the position (doggy) in the middle of our bed. The talk meant nothing; in one smooth movement, he had taken his briefs off and was inside of me, pumping away and adding more hurt to his sore abs and muscles until he couldn’t bear with it anymore and had to stop. Propped up on pillows, he rested, catching his breath. He looked so beautiful; sexy as hell, and just an overall specimen of a man. My heart hurt with love and passion. I knew he was tired, but I didn’t want to stop. Cock in hand, I returned the oral favor, in hopes that he would cum in my mouth, and that I’d take out my Rabbit to finish myself off, ensuring that we’d both be satisfied by the end of the night. But his hunger for me was stronger that I gave him credit for (probably due to the work out) and he was soon on top, my pussy singing and my eyes rolled back. My response is different now when I have sex ever since Sir Dre came into my life. I used to make sounds to fill the silence; I thought being vocal meant I was enjoying myself. But, when I am truly in a state of utter lust, I am quiet, speaking only when the chords of pleasure are plucked internally and the need to release sound is automatic. After reaching orgasm, he assisted me while I buzzed away with my rabbit. I came almost instantly, his finger in my ass and my tit in his mouth.

Kinky sessions with Sir Dre are always fascinating. Sex with other men, well that was like having a sandwich for lunch: nothing special but it’ll do for now. Sessions with Henri, which would be considered as vanilla, are needed and valued. He still makes me feel like a fuck toy, which I love, but there are times like yesterday, where there was no hesitation and I was 100% myself. He was so confident, comfortable, full of love, and I felt so sexy and turned on around him and by him. It is rejuvenation, and the high from yesterday will hopefully help hold me over for the next few days since Henri is working late this week as well. We won’t eat dinner together again until Wednesday night. I don’t like it, but I wait for it like an answer to a prayer.

The song that inspired the post and title for Masturbation Monday


11 thoughts on “Beneath your Beautiful

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    Beautifully sexy and loving write…

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      Thank you! xxx

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    You have the most wonderful metaphors!

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      Aww thanks love! xxx

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    I love to see love at work

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      Awww JK; you’re always so sweet and kind. xxx

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    This was utter perfection. So loving and tender and raw and fulfilling. Wow, you are amazing. If I had anything to give, I would. I hope you get sponsors to make this happen for you!

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      Thanks G! I don’t think I will although I was prepared for that. Still, you’re around and that’s all that matters 😉 xxx

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        Reading erotica is a great way to escape the stress of life; money, or lack thereof, seems to be a commonality amongst several of us.

        Broke people fuck, or at least write about it, more. Am I right?

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        You are so right, on both points! Besides, we have more sex because its one of the few pleasures in life that are free 😉 xxx

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        Exactly! Xoxoxoxo :)

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