Boobday: Before and After

Today’s Boobday prompt stumped me. I’m in a position where I can’t have sex this week, so a titty shot taken before and after coitus was out of the question.

Before and after a shower? Ehh. I wasn’t into that option. And then on Twitter someone  mentioned covered/uncovered. And eureka!

I chose two images from the my last meeting with Sir Dre. I usually take a photo on the day we are going to meet, either on the way to the hotel or on the way back home. Once we meet, we become so immersed in the session, that we take few photos or none at all. Recently, we’ve gotten better at remembering. Also, Sir has been evolving my limits. I don’t say push because it doesn’t feel that way. He has been increasing my threshold for pain, which for a woman like me who hates getting a paper cut, seems extremely ironic.  Our meetings are becoming a bit more intense than the previous, and honestly, much more comforting.

I didn’t realize how nervous I would get around Sir until our meeting in January. I had so much on my mind and my heart was a bit heavy. I ached more with the desire to not feel the pain than anything else. And my Sir, he knew it all. I had confided in him the whole thing. I entered the hotel room unsure if I could even fully enjoy myself. He was patient, but firm, and I complied with the hope that this would take my mind away from everything. This time, instead of being told to assume my usual position upon the bed (on my hands and knees), he created a yolk from rope, my wrists wrapped and attached to my neck, my hands on each side of my head, but unusable. It was solely my mouth that had to assume all the work that day.

I half-heartedly began, the thoughts in my mind swirling in the mists of the past days events. With every forward motion, I tried to concentrate on Sir and the moment at hand.

Forget about that. He’s here, you’re here. You’ve missed him. I really did. I hate that we don’t see each other more. That meeting was the first for us in four months. Then Sir, so connected he is to me and my body, began to run in fingers through me, our personal sign of encouragement. That was his way of saying Its okay baby-girl, you’re doing alright. I felt an overwhelming sensation of comfort; the kind you feel when you take your favorite blanket and wrap yourself up on a crisp night and everything feels warm, safe, and inviting. I pushed the thoughts and away with every thrust of Sir’s cock, as it was also the first time he had fully face fucked me. I had, for the first time, looked him squarely in the face when we were intimate. I could see his passions reach fulfillment in his smile, that bordered between happiness and mischievousness. At the end of our session, which had been cut short unfortunately, I had reached a subbie high that I hadn’t felt in almost a year. Sounds were soft, my body felt pliant, and I could not and did not want to speak. Had we been able to continue, I would have achieved full subspace. But I was content with what was a beautiful session and one that brought us closer.

It’s been a little more than a month since our last meeting, but we were both lucky enough to take some photos, anticipating that it could be an indefinite amount of time before we see each other again. Here is my before and after of that day, with my Master, my Sir.



I miss him dearly, especially since he had to go out of town for a family emergency and we went a week with no communication. However, I feel that I may see him sooner than expected. If all goes well, I may have a very interesting post to write…

Check out other luscious photos by clicking the button below, and enjoy your weekend everyone!




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