I love to call him Daddy

Henri and I had discussions these past few days about me cumming, and how I am tired of being the one always responsible for my orgasms. Yes, he does assist as I vibe away with my Rabbit. Still, it would be nice if I could just lay back and do nothing while he works on making me cum as I do to him ALL THE TIME! I mean, seriously, this man masturbates only because he wants to. I make sure he is always satisfied, but my orgasms fall to the wayside, and honestly, I think he’s not as virile and concentrated making me cum as he once was. Way back when we were younger and living in separate homes, he could stay down in my pussy for as long as it took to make me cum. Now, 5 to 10 minutes is all I get before he gives in. I don’t find it fair, but I also realize that even though we have grown together in so many different aspects of our lives, sex has not been one of them. Plus, writing and reading about sex constantly, I tend to do a lot of research; I learn, I practice, I experiment and he has been my test subject. It hasn’t been the same with Henri; while I have the privilege of some free time to do this, my man works hard to support his family and therefore when he does have free time, he eats, sleeps, and exercises  The three most important things for a growing man with diabetes. But I love him, and of that there is no doubt. So, while we may have to once again carry ourselves over this sexual slump, I’m glad that he is still the only one who can make me feel like this:

This lovely gem was recorded in the very same night when Alejandro made me cum for the first time (after, not before). Can you tell the difference? This was the reason I doubted the orgasm in the first place. With Henri, it was so much more intense; that and the fact that he wasn’t fucking me like Alejandro was, which I found out through an interesting conversation with Chloe that cumming with a dick in your pussy feels completely different than when you are touching yourself. In this recording, he begins with eating me out, and then we I use my rabbit while he works his magic with my pussy and anus (man he is really starting to get good at that!).  I didn’t post this before because, well, honestly the holidays had me busy. And because I try to taunt you all and have you wait for the next sound bite. Sadistic, yes. Worth it? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I also put it up today because last night Henri did the sweetest thing: he woke me up and fingered me so deliciously I almost came. I didn’t cum because we were tired and it was the middle of the night. But what a sweet gesture! That is why, no matter who I call Daddy, the only one I can ever sincerely say it to is Henri.


2 thoughts on “I love to call him Daddy

  1. I like your voice. And I loved the sigh at 6:25 :-)

    Well, it’s pity our capacity goes away with routine… or with the lack of sex… in my case I think my endurance has gone down counter-proportionally to the growing interval between sex sessions… I could wait a lot more before cuming when we were having sex every day or several times a day… Now, it’s getting hard… maybe because I lack my pleasure…

    And masturbation helps, but it’s a pale substitute to the touching, smelling, licking and sucking of a great “sexperience” 😉

    I use to masturbate in the beginning of the evening, so that I can last longer in case my wife is up to something… and at least it compensates a bit if nothing happens…

  2. I like that you like my voice 😉
    I used to suggest that Henri masturbate before intercourse, but it became a conflict when we would have sex and he would have problems cumming, which I can’t stand. So I figure now if he only has one round to give, we better make it a good one. xxx

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