I want to be Sinful in every way

I am shy and a bit self conscious. Or a lot. It depends on how much you personally know me. But I am learning and growing to love myself more because being loved by other people feels amazing, but loving all of myself is my greatest goal. After I do that, I expect the rest will follow.

This my first Sinful Sunday post. Be kind.

Sir Dre’s favorite part of my body.

Sinful Sunday Badge


62 thoughts on “I want to be Sinful in every way

  1. Two words: hot hot hot & more more more!

  2. Girl….. Hot diggity damn…. That’s is one fine looking ass. 😀
    Glad to see you embracing this.
    You are beautiful.

  3. You should be proud to have such a shapely and lovely bottom! I am totally envious . . . and of the lovely lacy knickers as well. Lovely.

  4. Oh my! Beyond your gorgeous ass, those perfect curves, and the creamy soft skin, this photo is beautifully finished. That soft glow is delicious, so pretty!

    • 😳 Thank you…I’ve gotten so many positive comments. I am all smiles, G. xxx

  5. Really beautiful! It took me a minute to figure out what the image was, but I see it now. :)

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