On the bed

He stood, hovering his cock over me like a prize.

I knelt in front of him, one hand on my left thigh, the other extended.

Reaching up, I take him into my mouth and place a down payment of my gratitude,

in hopes that he will find it worthy enough to redeem.


Posting this image didn’t come easy to me. I hesitated not because of Sir being in the photo. He gave me his permission long ago to post a photo of him. But you see more of me and that is where I feel my level of comfort is threatened. I am still, after 27 years, working on feeling comfortable in my own skin.  It took a great deal of progress for me to get to this point in my life, and I feel I have to give it particular attention. And it’s not because my Sir likes how I look, or that my husband loves me as I am, or even all the positive feedback I received from last week. I’m posting this photo because I actually like this image, and I am proud of it, in every form. Also, for so long, I have been completely physically anonymous until about last week. I hope this does not come back to bite me on the ass.



47 thoughts on “On the bed

  1. As you should be… :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Holy fuck, that’s hot. Proud of you, girl.

  3. And you should be proud!
    Sir Drea or not… You are gorgeous. Own it!

  4. Damn woman, that’s HOT! Glad you posted it!

    • Thank you! I love to hear ‘damn’! It’s better than ‘beautiful’ to me! 😉 xxx

  5. That is fantastic! A lovely photo and such a loving act as well. Love the words you have with it :)

  6. Well done for having the courage to post the pic. We both know it isn’t always easy to see ourselves as other see us. You are beautiful.

    • Thank you. It’s more work than I ever anticipated, but it is paying off in bucket loads. Every day I feel a little more alleviated from the negative self image I had of myself. xxx

  7. “I feel I have to give it particular attention…I’m posting this photo because I actually like this image, and I am proud of it, in every form.” And that is all that matters. You are taking giant leaps forward. I am proud of you too xxx

    • Awwwwww thanks Grace! :-) I don’t think you can make my smile any wider than it already is! xxx

  8. chintzcurtain

    *Bows* You are far braver than I will ever be! Lovely pic. Jane xxx

    • *blushing* you are way too kind for your words, thank you. xxx

  9. You should be proud indeed, it’s a lovely image and you are lovely too!

    Rebel xox

    • Lovely words from an equally lovely woman who is kicking ass in Orgasmcount! Seriously, I’m jealous 😉 xxx

  10. You should be proud.. Very pretty.

  11. jemima101

    That is so erotic and i feel a teeny stirring of pride after reading your comment back on hobby, so glad you posted this :)

    • As you should :-) . I honestly hesitated but reading that post, I have felt that way my whole life and I figured if I am changed, I should prove it to myself .xxx

  12. As you should be, it is beautiful! You have captured the moment perfectly


    • My Sir snapped this photo with my iPod when his camera failed, so we lucked into this photo! But I am happy we did; I was captured doing what I love best to him. xxx

  13. Damn straight you should be proud of it! So, so very very awesome!!!!

  14. You should be very proud! This is one hot image!

  15. Yummy, that is a sexy image if ever I saw one! :-) <3

  16. Lovely picture; no wonder you are storming up the orgasmcount table!

  17. JK

    Scarlett, you’ve come a long way. I and all of your friends here are very proud of you. No matter how we compliment your beauty, it’s only you who can ultimately decide yea or nae. My warmest congratulations are yours.

    • I appreciate your kind words, JK and your compliments. They mean more than you know :-) xxx

  18. The image is powerful, the words more so.

  19. You should be proud; it’s a lovely, evocative image!

    • Thank you, and coming from you, that is a great compliment! I love your photos! xxx

  20. Amazing picture.

  21. *gulps* Wow. Just … wow.

    My knickers are damp. Not only is the action in this photo hot, but so are you – so very much! And it’s your words as much as your actions that make that so. Knowing your hesitation, your pride, your self-love, your sharing … your choice to show yourself. All of that adds up to a picture that leaves me wet and admiring :)

    xx Dee

    • Once again you have me blushing with humility, Dee! Thank you so much; I can only wish to be as brave and as daring as you 😉 xxx

  22. Gorgeous photo, your lips and the curve of your breasts below make this so beautiful!

    • Thanks G! Again, coming from a boobalicious woman as yourself, I am flattered by your words! xxx

  23. Looks really yummy! And you are right, this is a gorgeous image. You look beautiful.

  24. It is a lovely image. Be proud of yourself! You deserve it!!!

  25. This post makes me feel so may emotions…
    So happy for your growth.
    So happy for your Sir.
    So happy you posted such a yummy picture.

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