This song inspired this post; it’s only fair to include it, so listen and read…

There is something completely wrong about the way I think of you. I can’t help myself; but I know that I’m not the only person who you’ve affected this way. It’s not your looks, although you’re not hard on the eyes; and even though you can hold a conversation, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. You remind me of alcohol; at first glance, an unassuming liquid, but the moment you ingest it, it’s going to burn. And you make masochist out of women because you burn so good.

I have found that many times over I’ve thought of the same scenario, and how guilty I feel about it, but how I know in the farthest parts of my mind I want it to happen. It doesn’t matter to me how it starts; only that it does. And the first place I would go is to where you claim to hold all your power. If it is how I imagine it in my mind, there would not be a moment of hesitation until I taste you. I’ve thought of going slow with you, but you don’t seem to be the type, and so I would make sure that your cock goes beyond just the back of my throat, because I know dirty boys like you enjoy it nice and deep, gagging every second. I know, because I just do, that I am going to need two hands along with my mouth to work your dick, and that you would enjoy me licking your balls, but I know you would prefer that I hold them in my mouth for steady periods of time while I stroke your cock with both hand, sticky and wet from my saliva. You make me spit on your cock, and take my hair in one hand while you face fuck me. You say I’m a nasty, dirty fucking whore, and that I should feel like a slut for what I’m doing. But all I know is that at that moment, I am the happiest, dirtiest whore in the world. And you knew it.

Under the circumstances, we would be alone somewhere, but not for long; we had a short window of time. You take full of advantage of this knowledge and pull your cock out of my wanton mouth, walking away a few feet. I ask you what’s wrong and you tell me flat-out “If you want this dick, beg for it.”

“Why? What is the point of this? I thought you wanted this too?”

“If we’re going to do something this wrong, might as well make it memorable.” As I know you would have me, I am tipsy over your unapologetic nature. I fall to my hands and knees and crawl to you. I stop in front of you, and say “Please let me suck your dick.”

“NO BITCH. You can do better than that.” He was serious; a face so angry, I had never seen this side of him before. But all it did was induce me further, because now my senses were keen to the pheromones he was exuding, and I wanted more than ever to taste him.

“Please Daddy, please let me taste you! I need you to taste you!” I was short of yelling. We didn’t have enough time to be alone, and I couldn’t face the fact that we have gotten this far without going all the way. He grabbed me by hair, again with one hand, and face fucks me harder than before. He pulls me up urgently by my hair, bending me forward quickly, his hand never wavering in tension and never letting go of my hair, he pulls tighter to arch my back and guides his cock expertly into my pussy. Within seconds I’m unbelievably overcome by intense heat, circulating in parts of my body I didn’t imagine to feel them in. From what was the intense wetness of my pussy I began to tingle from the tips of my toes to my ears, skin slicking up from the increase of body heat.

With one orgasm behind me another was soon approaching as he gained intensity, now pulling me until he had me parallel to the wall, my nipples pressed against the cold wall. He grabs my hands behind me and holds them there with his hands, still fucking. I felt the waves of an orgasm coming and again, and he slows down, whispering in my ear “What do you say?”

“Thank you Daddy.”

“That’s right. I am your fucking Daddy.” He slapped my ass with his one free hand, multiple times, both sides, harder and harder until I screamed out.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Daddy,” I said very loudly, a single tear falling, involuntarily.

“Oh, you’re crying now?” he said and wiped the tear away.

“No, it’s just…” I began to say, but he whispered in my ear, “Let me give you something to cry about.”

He shoved his dick in my still wet pussy, entering fast, but sliding out slow, lubricating his dick as much as possible. He took both his hands and held my arms down, guiding his newly silken cock to my ass. I began to scream, feeling all bits of emotion: shock, pleasure, pain, guilt, shamelessness, liberated, violated–it was everything at once, a lifetime of emotions turned into something feral and reckless in a moment of bliss. My moans mixed with yells began to get too loud, so he took a hand and reached over to cover my mouth, still working his dick in and out, and an apparent connoisseur of anal sex.

Photo from, edited by Scarlett DuBois. I do not claim this photo as my own.

He slipped in easier than I think he expected. It began slowly, with long strokes, pushing in more and more of his massive cock in my ass until it was all the way in. He increased the velocity some, until I was now solely moaning. He removed his hand and directed me to walk follow him. He began to move backward, until we reached the sofa. His dick still inside me, we sat down gently, as he reached over and so graciously fingers my pussy. By now I know better and say, before I am asked, “Thank you Daddy.” He rewards me with tiny slaps on my pussy, which he rapidly wipes away with his fingers. With my juices floating downward now, he begins his long strokes again. I grab the sofa behind me and prop myself on the sofa. I stretch my legs wide open, giving him free range as I ride his dick. That familiar feeling begins creeping up on me. The effervescent tingles take over, and I take my hands and massage his balls, pulling him deeper and deeper until I no longer need to reach for his balls. I climax finally, and then keep him fully inside me as I swivel and grind, my head thrown back as I am irrevocably intoxicated by him.

Massaging his now glistening balls, drenched by me, I say over and over, like a tantric prayer “Thank you Daddy, thank you.” And soon, he grabs me backward, his hands squeezing my breasts and doubled his speed, my whole body shaking with the onslaught of intensity and another orgasm on its way. Because our hands were occupied and I couldn’t contain it any longer I screamed out as I forgot who I was, where I was, and who I was with, when once again the rip tide came over me, and this time him as well. We collapse with his dick still inside of me, trembling, grasping to bits of air like two fish out of water. With his chest at my back, we felt our rib cages vibrating, and as seconds pass we become increasingly aware of the risk we’re running. We clean up as best as we can, and only look at each other once, and shared an unexplained mutual acknowledgment of secrecy. And a smile.


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  1. Fuckin aye! Had to push my jaw closed at the end of that one. What a telling!.

  2. awesome and hot, scarlett

  3. Nice. As usual…

  4. “There is something completely wrong about the way I think of you.”
    Great opening line!

  5. Mmmmm that was just hot!
    So glad you are back. :-)

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