A Post Black Friday Reminder

Thanksgiving went very well. Henri, our son, and I spent it at the in-laws house with more family, great food, and desserts made by yours truly. I contributed two pumpkin pies, one flan (caramel custard in English), and another variant of a pie, a pear crostata, my crowning jewel (when I told Sir I would be supplying the desserts, he commented “Of course you would, Yum-Yum; because you’re so delicious”). It was a day with family and friends, very small and intimate. As pleasant as it was however, I was looking forward to the next day, Friday. Not for the sales; for the first time in a long time, shopping this Black Friday wasn’t in the forefront of my mind. Henri had given me the amazing news that, for the first time ever, he was getting the day off. We assumed that it would be him and other men higher up in the company. We found out on Thanksgiving day that it was only him; his boss had been so impressed with all the hard work he has been putting in lately, that he felt it was fair to give him the day off.

I was ecstatic. NO. I was stoked!!! And to add a cherry on top of that sweet deal, the in-laws decided to take my son for an overnight stay. ScoreI had our Friday morning and afternoon planned before I woke up Thursday morning: Stay in bed, make love, order food, snuggle, and watch a movie. 

Come Friday morning. I get a phone call with a rare opportunity: a carpool ride out to the next state for Black Friday shopping. Where I had first began to say yes, I digressed and made a bullshit excuse not to go. Two phone calls later and I still held onto to my day with my husband, compromising myself to make a pumpkin pie in lieu of my absence. But the phone calls did not cease, and when she made a “valid”  point (to Henri’s belief), he told me to go shopping and enjoy myself. Anyway, I know that Henri wanted some time alone, and he deserved it. Still, I wanted to contribute to that enjoyment by pleasing him. But I couldn’t. I was given twenty minutes to shower and dress before my friend would be honking the car horn downstairs.

I had a few minutes to wait when I was done. We chatted in the room quickly, discussing what kind of items I should look out for and buy. I placed my head on his hip, very close to his manhood. I looked at it yearningly, sad that our plans fell through once more.

“You know what I had planned today, right?” I told him.

“Not exactly, but I can imagine,” he said through hazy eyes. He loves me, but I know when the man needs some alone time.

“When was the last time you had release?” I asked him.

“About two days after I came in your hair.” There was a glint in his eyes, and I felt the blanket tense and release; the blood was flowing. I used my teeth to add to the tension and playfully grabbed at it.

“Well, let me know when you take care of yourself. I’m sad to have to miss it.”

“How am I supposed to do that?” He said. I hadn’t thought about it either, but I quickly came up with a solution.

“Leave the tissue behind somewhere I can see it. Only you and I will know why it’s there.”

He laughed, but then said “I’m down!” and the moment was sealed with a kiss as I left for the awaiting van.

By the time I had arrived home that night, my son having arrived only 15 minutes before me, our small agreement was completely forgotten. The next day, Henri had to leave early to work a side job. He is determined for us to have an amazing Christmas. I woke up about an hour after he left, and as I do every time I wake up, I reach over to his side of the bed. I snuggle into his pillow, and my eyes focus onto his night table. On a small empty spot was a tissue, crumpled and used.

All I could do was smile and miss him even more on that Saturday morning.


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