Seismic stress release

We were lounging on our bed, Henri waiting for his brother Pierre to pick him up in his new pre-owned car. Brothers always competing. While we waited, he slips his hands in my shirt, as he always does, to fondle my braless nipples, which they are always free when I’m at home. My chest is his spot for his fingers to relax.


First he starts off by just rubbing them, grasping the whole breast and massaging. Eventually, he signals in on my nipples, rolling them between his fingers. He pinches and pulls, getting into a rhythm. While I’m experiencing waves of feel good chemicals and squirming in my obvious arousal, he continues, like a child comforted by his soft blanket.


He has lulled himself to sleep this way plenty of times. Some people have stress release balls to squeeze, he has my breasts, which are always available.

See who else is being Sinful xxx


15 thoughts on “Seismic stress release

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    I prefer to have my entire breast touched – some of my partners go straight for the nipple (not looking at Hylas or anything … no wait, I am) and as they are so sensitive it makes me squirm and slap him away.

    Your photos are lovely!

    xx Dee

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      Thanks Dee! I’m a huge fan of breast play, but Henri also almost immediately goes for the nipple. I also enjoy having my whole breast massaged, and it starts out that way, but doesn’t stay that way for long. xxx

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    That works for me, though I also love a good backrub to fall asleep :)

    ~Kazi xxx

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      I have to admit, when I was pregnant, foot rubs were everything, and now I am damaged because of it. There are time I barter a foot rub for sex. xxx

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    SH is a breast man and mine are always available to him. Oh, I love foot rubs too. :)

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      Foot rubs are nearly orgasmic, especially if you’ve been walking all day. xxx

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    I love the tenderness of this story. Beautiful


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    Awww that’s sweet :)

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    I’ll admit to doing the same thing to the Blonde but mostly as a tease to get her going a bit and then leave her hanging on a horny.

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      He does it for that reason too, but it normally backfires when he finds himself more aroused by it than I am. He gets turned on seeing me squirm from his touch. xxx

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    I love this post, Scarlett. And I realized that my husband barely uses any massage or any technique to arouse my nipples before latching on :S

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      The nipples are the center of the bullseye; it’s all they see. Henri has that issue too, especially when we are about to get busy :-/ xxx

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        I think I’m going to ask him to change it up a little, we shall see how it goes. :)

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