Dinner Plans

Today, I spoke to Sir Dre on the phone. I told him about my naughty phone search and the punishment that Henri gave me. Which by the way, let me tell you, was PHENOMENAL. We showered together, one of our favorite things to do. Of course while we were in there, we began to fondle each […]

Exposed Partie Trois: Round 2

I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and catch my breath. I open the faucet and let the water run. I stare at myself through the mirror. Did that just happen? Is this happening to me? Really? The past events rushed through my head quickly, a montage memory bank system replaying them, answering […]

2 for 1 special

When I came home after my tryst with Omar, Henri was waiting for me on the couch, reading some material on his laptop. Sweet for him to wait up. I entered, took off my coat, and hung it on the coat rack. I went to our bedroom and place my bag in my closet, returning […]


I haven’t had sex in two weeks (and then some). I know people who have gone for longer, but I don’t like to, especially since my libido has been off the charts since October. But recently we have been very limited due to a rash Henri incurred. He has very sensitive skin and any change […]


This song inspired this post; it’s only fair to include it, so listen and read… There is something completely wrong about the way I think of you. I can’t help myself; but I know that I’m not the only person who you’ve affected this way. It’s not your looks, although you’re not hard on the […]

Meet me at the motel: Two true motel moments

This entry was sparked by two separate occurrences. One was a conversation Henrí and I had with Pierre about taking his lover to a motel. The other stems from a comment I left on the entry of another blog about anal sex. Funny how they are both so closely related in my history book. Back when we were younger, […]