Squishy Boobday

People do the oddest things when they are restless, alone or lost in thought. Some nibble on their fingernails, twirl their hair, doodle on a scrap of paper. I touch my boobs. They are really soft, and I’ll find myself idly petting them on top, the cleavage part occasionally exposed at the top of a v-neck […]

Spring Boobday

So, this week Boobday is running one day behind schedule. But who the hell cares as long as you get to see beautiful busts? This week Hy’s theme is Spring. Now those who live in or around New York know that Spring season has been slow to arrive. We go from beautiful 64 degree weather […]

Boobday: Before and After

Today’s Boobday prompt stumped me. I’m in a position where I can’t have sex this week, so a titty shot taken before and after coitus was out of the question. Before and after a shower? Ehh. I wasn’t into that option. And then on Twitter someone  mentioned covered/uncovered. And eureka! I chose two images from […]

I’m soft

Yes, I am. I have curves, ranging from the mounds of my breast to the Everest of my thighs.  It took so long, and still is, to love the softness of my body.  But, as challenging as it is, I won’t stop until I see the beauty in every centimeter of my skin.  The uniqueness […]

March 14, 2014 is Boobday!

I took this picture before the events of earlier today, and it is so fitting. I went to meet up with a man whom I’ve been speaking to for a month. It was, to say the least, not a successful hook up. Until or if I hear from him again, the details of today will […]

My view

This week, Hy has chosen a themed Boobday edition with the prompt ‘Covered‘. On Tuesday, when I came home from taking my son to his dentist appointment, I was feeling myself. I wasn’t touching myself, I was feeling myself. What’s the difference? Well, for one thing, I think it would be considered a slang term. Feeling yourself […]

Boobs that move

I knew I wanted to do something different for this week’s Boobday. Usually, I’ll put a filter of color or something to spruce up the photo. This time, I thought, why not make em’ move? I haven’t done a gif in years, so please forgive the quality. I’ll do better next time, I promise. This […]

Fuck Yeah its Boobday!!!

I couldn’t choose between two photos, so I sent both to Hy and selfishly left the decision up to her. I guess she couldn’t pick one either because she posted them both! I would say tell me which one you prefer. But, I would rather state that I hope you enjoy both of them and […]

Caught in the net again

I’m on a ride of hormones and god damned fucking emotions! The littlest things just make me retreat into my head, and I’m reverted back to my adolescence. The boom box has been replaced with an iPod and the cup of iced tea converted into a glass of honey Whiskey, but the emotions are the […]