Exposed Partie Trois: Round 2

I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and catch my breath. I open the faucet and let the water run. I stare at myself through the mirror. Did that just happen? Is this happening to me? Really? The past events rushed through my head quickly, a montage memory bank system replaying them, answering […]

Exposed Partie Duex: Round 1

“Lay down on your stomach facing me,” he commanded. Sir placed his crotch near my mouth, apparently no words were needed while I nuzzled my nose against him, taking in his scent. “Go ahead, sub. Wake him up,” and I wanted to but I was afraid to soil his pants with my red lipstick. “That’s […]

I have to wake up early

He said to me last night. “I can’t keep going to sleep at midnight.” He went to use the bathroom, set his phone to charge, made sure the alarm was set, and crawled into bed. It was 11:38 pm. I was still on my laptop, making my usual last-minute rounds. He pressed up close against […]

The Visitor Returns (Part 3)

“Hello, can I help you?” I said calmly, slowly, taking in her reaction. “Hi, my name is Elena and I’m from hotel management,” she said quickly, rushing through the introduction. “I received some complaints from some of your neighbors and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.” “Everything is just fine, as you […]

The Visitor Returns (Part 2)

“Do you trust me?” asked Matilda. “Do I have another option at this point?” masking his true feelings with humor. “No you don’t,” giggled Matilda. He could hear her whispering and chuckling, walking quickly to different areas of the room. After about three minutes, he heard music, soft and low, coming from the hotel radio. […]

A night time walk

I suggest you listen to this song while reading this entry… I took a walk around the neighborhood, as is becoming my new custom. I wait until everything is settled and quiet, and around 10 pm I go outside, green cigarette in hand, lit and ready to go. I usually speak to someone on the […]

The Visitor (Part 3)

And touch me he did. As soon as his hands were free and he was allowed to touch me, his head was buried between my legs, his tongue licking the root of all my desires. I tried to move and lay down, but the moment I attempted to move, he slapped my ass with such […]

The Visitor (Part 2)

It is amazing to me how there are some moments where I feel almost child like exuberance at the most unlikely situations, and this was one of them. Loosening his belt, pulling down his pants, and sliding down his underwear–the only feeling that can ever compare to this is Christmas morning. I know what I have asked for, and […]