March 14, 2014 is Boobday!

I took this picture before the events of earlier today, and it is so fitting. I went to meet up with a man whom I’ve been speaking to for a month. It was, to say the least, not a successful hook up. Until or if I hear from him again, the details of today will […]

I love giving blow jobs

I love to give blow jobs, and always have, at least on Henri. Now that I have found my mouth on more shafts, I am an unabashed cock slut. For me, cock sucking is a session on its own and just as satisfying as having sex. Henri was the first, and up until last year, […]

When he came home

I was hungry for his cock, and so I gave him a well deserved, after work blowjob. And then we fucked. And it was amazing. Here is my sexy husband Henri post-coital, lying amongst our green crumpled sheets, ready to fall asleep. While we go through our ups and downs, the one thing that has […]

The moment I felt owned

I wanted to write a complete detailed account of my meeting with Sir Dre from 10 days ago. I have struggled all these days in typing up the event. Nothing felt right. There was so much going on, I went through sensory overload that day. I’ve talked to Sir, asked my husband’s opinion many times, […]

Exposed Partie Duex: Round 1

“Lay down on your stomach facing me,” he commanded. Sir placed his crotch near my mouth, apparently no words were needed while I nuzzled my nose against him, taking in his scent. “Go ahead, sub. Wake him up,” and I wanted to but I was afraid to soil his pants with my red lipstick. “That’s […]

I’m a cock slut

I don’t know what that means to every body else, but to me it means that I love to suck cock. As of Saturday, I can say that no matter what size or shape, a dick in my mouth is the next best thing to it being in my pussy. I met up with someone […]


This song inspired this post; it’s only fair to include it, so listen and read… There is something completely wrong about the way I think of you. I can’t help myself; but I know that I’m not the only person who you’ve affected this way. It’s not your looks, although you’re not hard on the […]