And then I get emails like this… (2)

Sir Dre and I don’t usual communicate through email anymore. Ever since our physical relationship started, it hasn’t been necessary. The last time he sent me an email was in January, two weeks after we began speaking. However, every so often, especially if we are  unable to communicate because of things going on in our […]

The First Mark

Thursday was the day that I proved my worth to my Sir.  Instead of calling someone else, He called me.  I satiated His hunger for Dominance, never questioning, Fulling submitting. There were tears that fell,  pain from my core, Hurting from his thrust mixed with agony from the things that I can’t control.  Still I […]

Learning Lessons

While attempting to write my Wicked Wednesday post, the prompt being BDSM, I was going to recount the past few months and what I have learned so far. And then this happens… Let me go back just a little bit. Sir Dre and I met on Friday for our third session together. Where the last […]

The moment I felt owned

I wanted to write a complete detailed account of my meeting with Sir Dre from 10 days ago. I have struggled all these days in typing up the event. Nothing felt right. There was so much going on, I went through sensory overload that day. I’ve talked to Sir, asked my husband’s opinion many times, […]

Exposed Partie Trois: Round 2

I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and catch my breath. I open the faucet and let the water run. I stare at myself through the mirror. Did that just happen? Is this happening to me? Really? The past events rushed through my head quickly, a montage memory bank system replaying them, answering […]

Submissive Findings: Karen from

“A slave is to be measured from the inside, for it is her soul that is enslaved, her body simply follows…” “Submission is not about sex. Submission is not something one can learn. It is not sex. It is not dirty. Submission is beauty. It is a beauty that comes from the very soul of […]


Oh man this feeling…how to describe it…I feel lucky. I have had thoughts, fantasies, day dreams of submission. Saw countless porn videos, photos; read stories, read blogs. I spoke to Henri about it, tried to get some toys–but nothing materialized out of it. And now this moment that feels like a gift has fallen into […]