Underneath a broad umbrella

I sit in bed as I begin to type this, the windows wide open at the opposite ends of my apartment, a magnificent cross breeze inspiring these words. It has just begun raining here in New York City, a beautiful rain that leaves pleasant bubbles on my window screen, and falls straight down, the wind […]

Breathing Underwater

I was born a statistic. My mother and father are both Hispanic-Americans, the age difference between them almost 20 years. When my mother gave birth to me, she was 18 going on 19, unmarried, and my father was in jail. I don’t know if she delivered me alone or if someone was there with her; […]

Friend Labels: Relationships

Not too long ago, in 2009, I saw a movie that changed my life (not really, but go with it). Sex and The City: The Movie. I’d never seen the show, even though I’d heard really good things about it, and due to the fact that when the show came out I was only 12. […]