His Winter Goddess

The man had a love of plants. He would always post pictures of his beauties (as he called them) online and videos detailing their care, species, and other information. I dubbed him the Handsome Gardener, but just Handsome when we spoke. He grew herbs indoors as well, eating one of the leaves in a video […]

They Don’t Know You

The memories, these feelings I can no longer abate As I jot these words down with a flourish of hate. People sing your praises, honesty far-flung You are selfish and borderline cruel; should I go on? Deceitful, you have twisted lies and lives To ensure that only your breed survives. Your love is a plague […]

The Perfect Drug (2)

“Hey you,” she opened the door and stepped through an erotic wormhole. Where only moments ago she was submerged in dark light and rancid thoughts, here emerged a merciless sexual predator, whitened teeth ready for the first taste of his skin. But she had to keep her claws retracted, at least for now. “Hey.” His […]

The Perfect Drug (1)

She is self-contained. Nothing can get in or out without her acquiesce. Her smile can be vibrant when she allows it; and the light that glimmers in her eyes is as sporadic as a blue moon, but no less luminescent. There are moments when a flicker of innocence passes by, during a joke she hasn’t […]

e[lust] #47

Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust].  Want to be included in e[lust] #48? Start with the newly updated rules, come back July 1st to submit […]

Summer Green

Summers in New York are killer. Not much because of the heat, although that is never comfortable. The humidity envelopes you the second you step outside. It is the closest thing to being back inside the womb. But, the only silver lining that comes with this season is the skin that comes out of hibernation. […]

The Violet Hour (Fiction)

I was exhausted. My body was beginning to ache from lying in this position. My wrists and ankles were screaming to be released from their restraints. “Water, please Sir.” It felt like I carried the entire Sahara on my tongue. I heard the sloshing of water in the plastic container come  close and I lifted my […]

Movie Night

I had popcorn in my hair, I was sure of it. I didn’t bring a comb or brush with me, and I could feel the kernels nesting in my hair. I ran my fingers through it while looking at the bathroom mirror. What the fuck is wrong with me? Is that all it takes—one look? […]