My last meeting with Sir Dre happened 10 days ago, and I still have not been able to write about it. It’s not entirely for lack of time, more because I still don’t know how to process my emotions from that day. Nothing went wrong, on the contrary, I left exuberant and ready to make […]

A Bomb Exploded

Or so it felt like in my head. I have made mention here and there of a friend of mine, Sunshine, whom I met in April 2011. We didn’t start actually becoming friends until September of last year, but we have grown to know each other, and become closer as friends ever since. She is […]

And life moves on.

Forgive my absence; life was going on around me and I was just going along for the ride. I haven’t had time to respond to anyone, or check anything. More things have happened in two weeks than in the whole month. Three family members were admitted to the hospital, all for different reasons; as everyone […]

Friend Labels: Relationships

Not too long ago, in 2009, I saw a movie that changed my life (not really, but go with it). Sex and The City: The Movie. I’d never seen the show, even though I’d heard really good things about it, and due to the fact that when the show came out I was only 12. […]


Alas, the drama continues…but hopefully, it also died. I’m still confused. At a party of a common friend of ours, Raquel and I found each other, under the same roof. After much avoiding for most of the night, she indirectly addressed me about something unimportant, and so I took that opportunity to pull her aside and speak […]

Here’s the bottom

It’s not rock bottom, but it’s close. Lets start at the end, shall we? I did something very shitty. I was inappropriately chatting with my good friend’s boyfriend. When I mean inappropriate, I mean that in the span of two days, we had already exchanged photos, and were on the verge of having phone sex. I didn’t […]