They Don’t Know You

The memories, these feelings I can no longer abate As I jot these words down with a flourish of hate. People sing your praises, honesty far-flung You are selfish and borderline cruel; should I go on? Deceitful, you have twisted lies and lives To ensure that only your breed survives. Your love is a plague […]

When words are not needed, share the silence.

I had all the intentions to escape from the world (by choice) last week, but Mother Nature had other plans. Instead I was involuntarily sequestered by her cruel hand and had no choice but to lay in bed most of the time, shriveling in pain from cramps to a massive four day migraine. Last Thursday […]

And I go back to December

Lines from Taylor Swifts’ song “Back to December.” I can’t stop listening to this song for the obvious reason. Taylor Swift is one talented young woman. However, not even one of her songs can decipher this mystery for me. Raquel texted my cell a few days ago. It was about a toy sale. I was […]