e[lust] #47

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The Wonder of Weddings

Did you know that the two events in life that can either break apart a family, or bring them all together, are weddings and funerals? Perhaps it is not a scientific fact, but from experience, I know it is true. My mother-in-law went into full ‘bridezilla’ mode, in a way I never thought this sweet […]

When words are not needed, share the silence.

I had all the intentions to escape from the world (by choice) last week, but Mother Nature had other plans. Instead I was involuntarily sequestered by her cruel hand and had no choice but to lay in bed most of the time, shriveling in pain from cramps to a massive four day migraine. Last Thursday […]


Oh man this feeling…how to describe it…I feel lucky. I have had thoughts, fantasies, day dreams of submission. Saw countless porn videos, photos; read stories, read blogs. I spoke to Henri about it, tried to get some toys–but nothing materialized out of it. And now this moment that feels like a gift has fallen into […]

2 for 1 special

When I came home after my tryst with Omar, Henri was waiting for me on the couch, reading some material on his laptop. Sweet for him to wait up. I entered, took off my coat, and hung it on the coat rack. I went to our bedroom and place my bag in my closet, returning […]

I love you more, infinity

I sat down with all the intentions of writing the final part in my short story “The Visitor.” However, after having said good night to Henri on the phone, my heart nor my libido is in it. New York has been hit with rain for the past two days, and although I absolutely love the […]

Installing a husband

I found this while searching the “relationship” tag on WordPress. I was intrigued by the name of the blog, The Pleasure Monger, and of course the title of the entry, seeing as my last post was about marriage. Alas, I must learn to keep my mind out of the gutter. Although the entry was funny, […]