“Patience is passion tamed.”

I’ve had some troubles finding a no strings attached/friends-with-benefits situation. And now, I think I have found someone who fits the bill. But making time to see each other is almost close to impossible. However, we met up at 2 o’clock, Saturday morning, and witness the burning of a new star through the blue hue […]

Boobs that move

I knew I wanted to do something different for this week’s Boobday. Usually, I’ll put a filter of color or something to spruce up the photo. This time, I thought, why not make em’ move? I haven’t done a gif in years, so please forgive the quality. I’ll do better next time, I promise. This […]

Fuck Yeah its Boobday!!!

I couldn’t choose between two photos, so I sent both to Hy and selfishly left the decision up to her. I guess she couldn’t pick one either because she posted them both! I would say tell me which one you prefer. But, I would rather state that I hope you enjoy both of them and […]

Caught in the net again

I’m on a ride of hormones and god damned fucking emotions! The littlest things just make me retreat into my head, and I’m reverted back to my adolescence. The boom box has been replaced with an iPod and the cup of iced tea converted into a glass of honey Whiskey, but the emotions are the […]

Do you like my nails?

Last Saturday we had a small family outing, during which we entered a beauty supply store. Whenever I go, I always choose a new bottle of nail polish, most often than not it is a color I don’t have. This time, I asked Henri to pick one because, as I whispered in his ear “I’ll […]

September 20th 2013 is Boobday!!!

Finally, I’m on time with Boobday today! Sir Dre’s massive fucking unplugged me like a cork–physically and mentally. Funniest thing is that he told me so in the middle of our rambunctious session. “I’m going to give you something to write about now…get that creativity flowing again.” And the man was not wrong! I’ve been […]


The feelings come in layers of immense waves. First comes the trigger. This time it was the air blowing from the fan. The coolness caressed my skin, and I was brought back to the hotel room, and the air conditioner, turned to its coldest setting. I lift my shirt so that my sleeping nipples could […]

Mother Nature

I am made of softness, my skin the color of desert sand. My hair a darkened oak, its leaves entangled with the mighty winds. Upon my breast I carry the clouds, where I have replenished and nourished life; And the dip of my belly and the curve of my thighs have brought men to the […]

August 2nd, 2013: Boobday!!!

Another week has come and gone, and though it wasn’t much different from the week before, there have been some changes within myself. I’ve been asking myself questions, and making new revelations as I dig through the archives of my memory, trying to re-assess all the fuck-upedness in my life and let the ghosts go. […]

A Light

I capture sunset, years gone by, with a gentle spark and A moment of passion, now held in the hands of the past. Sometimes, I have to light my own way, Even if the cost is the weight of oxygen, Just to feel whole again, alive and on fire. -Scarlett