The Weight of a Marriage

While I’d like to say that I took such a hiatus from blogging because I’ve been having this phenomenal sex life and I’ve been much too busy to write about it, that’s not the case (and it rarely, if ever, is). All my absences from the blogosphere has been because of some type of crisis, […]


“Untitled” is kind of how I feel at the moment. I don’t have a word or a line to express what is going on in my life and in my head right now. I had someone tell me I should just write, and of all the people I know the encouragement came from a person […]

An Untitled Message

The four-year anniversary of creating this blog passed about a week ago. I didn’t know what it was that I had begun, or even what I would write about. All I knew is that I needed to shed some guilt and hopefully find a way to express myself. Since my transgression was due to sexual repression, […]

A Change of Season

The leaves were green and shedding their Waxy exterior When our eyes last met. Now yellowing, some have begun Their descent Into the ground they’ll go, a new cycle to begin. I feel the warmth of your memory Growing as the days get colder; Perhaps because my hope has not died That I will see […]

Squishy Boobday

People do the oddest things when they are restless, alone or lost in thought. Some nibble on their fingernails, twirl their hair, doodle on a scrap of paper. I touch my boobs. They are really soft, and I’ll find myself idly petting them on top, the cleavage part occasionally exposed at the top of a v-neck […]

When good vibes collide

I haven’t met someone like you in what seems like a very long time. We followed each other on social media for almost two years, merely existing between posts and clicking ‘like’ under photos. I knew you were in my city; so close to me in fact we may have crossed paths many times and not have […]


I haven’t been missing. I consider it more like being lost. My laptop has been subjugated to the corner of my bedroom collecting a veil of dust, only to be opened and used for the updating of music on my iPod. The desire to write, even in my personal diary, was misplaced somewhere in the […]

I’m soft

Yes, I am. I have curves, ranging from the mounds of my breast to the Everest of my thighs.  It took so long, and still is, to love the softness of my body.  But, as challenging as it is, I won’t stop until I see the beauty in every centimeter of my skin.  The uniqueness […]