His Winter Goddess

The man had a love of plants. He would always post pictures of his beauties (as he called them) online and videos detailing their care, species, and other information. I dubbed him the Handsome Gardener, but just Handsome when we spoke. He grew herbs indoors as well, eating one of the leaves in a video […]

Train of Thought: Weekend Edition

I’m listening to a song Henri and I fucked to earlier. Such a good quickie. Damn. I missed those. Last night I gave Henri his first blow job in our brand new car, parked near an overhead highway. Surprisingly uncomfortable for me, but such a turn on to see him enjoy it. We drove around, […]

Play with your food

We need food for everyday survival. But how about using it for fun every once in a while? Food and sex for me go hand in hand, because I need both of them to survive. So why not combine them every now and then? I’ve used donuts, chocolate, ice cream–I’ve even had Henri’s dick in my cereal! […]


The feelings come in layers of immense waves. First comes the trigger. This time it was the air blowing from the fan. The coolness caressed my skin, and I was brought back to the hotel room, and the air conditioner, turned to its coldest setting. I lift my shirt so that my sleeping nipples could […]

Summer Green

Summers in New York are killer. Not much because of the heat, although that is never comfortable. The humidity envelopes you the second you step outside. It is the closest thing to being back inside the womb. But, the only silver lining that comes with this season is the skin that comes out of hibernation. […]

The Violet Hour (Fiction)

I was exhausted. My body was beginning to ache from lying in this position. My wrists and ankles were screaming to be released from their restraints. “Water, please Sir.” It felt like I carried the entire Sahara on my tongue. I heard the sloshing of water in the plastic container come  close and I lifted my […]

Movie Night

I had popcorn in my hair, I was sure of it. I didn’t bring a comb or brush with me, and I could feel the kernels nesting in my hair. I ran my fingers through it while looking at the bathroom mirror. What the fuck is wrong with me? Is that all it takes—one look? […]

When It Rains In April

My memories always take me to a day just like this one, more than ten years ago. Even back then, while living through it, I would recall it in flashes. I can clearly remember my hand holding a tree branch, the tiny droplets of rain falling into my eyes. I always thought of it as […]