Beneath your Beautiful

There are moments in time, an hour, a week, a month—which ever stands out–that you feel the luckiest, the most loved, and highly desired by one person. It feels right; cosmic in the sense that you know you belong in this moment and no one else could have taken your place. That love and fondness […]


I did something bad. I’ve had this feeling that Henri has been making moves on his spare time with other women. I haven’t gotten the vibe that he has slept with another woman, but something was happening that he doesn’t want to tell me about. Despite having Henri’s blessing to do what I wish with […]

Where I sleep

On Friday I met up with Sir Dre. This meeting was more intense, not just in the hits of his whip, but in everything we touched we imprinted a piece of ourselves; our connection was that much stronger this time. We’ve been communicating for three months and so far, not a handful of days pass […]

Make love to me

I want to scream this out, but I can’t. In this moment, I honestly don’t even want to or can’t make love. But I will, eventually. There comes a time, depending on who you are, when you shut down for a while. I go through this a few days every month. I avoid conversations, both […]


Again I interrupt this moment of writing and exposure on my blog to post some music. As I mentioned yesterday, I have been listening to  Coldplay to help me write. It expanded from one album, to four of them on loop in my iPod. Here is a song that reminds me that no matter the […]

This is how I like to fuck

I’m writing an entry, coming soon, about what happened to me yesterday. But, in the meantime, I want to share a song with you. I went to sleep and woke up with this song in my head that I have on my iPod, including my sex playlist. If you want to know how I like […]