Play with your food

We need food for everyday survival. But how about using it for fun every once in a while? Food and sex for me go hand in hand, because I need both of them to survive. So why not combine them every now and then? I’ve used donuts, chocolate, ice cream–I’ve even had Henri’s dick in my cereal! […]

March 7, 2014 is Boobday!

Lace I am transparent and intricate. Follow the thin thread of my design. Can you see where I begin Or imagine where I end? Covered in petals, I grow in the dark. Etched under the needle of Fate, My beauty is finished. Classical and timeless, I am replicated, over and over. But someone always remembers […]


The feelings come in layers of immense waves. First comes the trigger. This time it was the air blowing from the fan. The coolness caressed my skin, and I was brought back to the hotel room, and the air conditioner, turned to its coldest setting. I lift my shirt so that my sleeping nipples could […]

A Light

I capture sunset, years gone by, with a gentle spark and A moment of passion, now held in the hands of the past. Sometimes, I have to light my own way, Even if the cost is the weight of oxygen, Just to feel whole again, alive and on fire. -Scarlett

Boobday and The Bigger Issue

It feels like I haven’t done a Boobday post in forever, and I think I really need to. I have problems exposing my body, although through previous posts, it may not seem like it. However, I’d like to point out that I went two years on this blog without posting any of my own personal […]

Underneath a broad umbrella

I sit in bed as I begin to type this, the windows wide open at the opposite ends of my apartment, a magnificent cross breeze inspiring these words. It has just begun raining here in New York City, a beautiful rain that leaves pleasant bubbles on my window screen, and falls straight down, the wind […]

The Violet Hour (Poem)

  “Purple or violet assists those who seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment – it expands our awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness. For this reason it is associated with transformation of the soul…In the meaning of colors, purple and violet represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the […]

May 10th 2013 is Boobday!

Again, I’ve been true to my zodiac sign and have been hiding in my shell. I want to be brave and write down why, but I think I need to wait a bit and continue to sort things out in my head and heart first. Still, very few things can keep me away from Boobday! […]