“Patience is passion tamed.”

I’ve had some troubles finding a no strings attached/friends-with-benefits situation. And now, I think I have found someone who fits the bill. But making time to see each other is almost close to impossible. However, we met up at 2 o’clock, Saturday morning, and witness the burning of a new star through the blue hue […]

Play with your food

We need food for everyday survival. But how about using it for fun every once in a while? Food and sex for me go hand in hand, because I need both of them to survive. So why not combine them every now and then? I’ve used donuts, chocolate, ice cream–I’ve even had Henri’s dick in my cereal! […]

A Post Black Friday Reminder

Thanksgiving went very well. Henri, our son, and I spent it at the in-laws house with more family, great food, and desserts made by yours truly. I contributed two pumpkin pies, one flan (caramel custard in English), and another variant of a pie, a pear crostata, my crowning jewel (when I told Sir I would […]

Happy Spanksgiving!

Just because we get to eat some great food, spend it with family, and appreciate all that we have, doesn’t mean you shouldnt keep it sexy. Make sure that turkey isn’t the only thing you’re putting in your mouth today (I’m talking to my fellow cock suckers out there). Happy Thanksgiving everyone! -Scarlett

Caught in the net again

I’m on a ride of hormones and god damned fucking emotions! The littlest things just make me retreat into my head, and I’m reverted back to my adolescence. The boom box has been replaced with an iPod and the cup of iced tea converted into a glass of honey Whiskey, but the emotions are the […]

When he came home

I was hungry for his cock, and so I gave him a well deserved, after work blowjob. And then we fucked. And it was amazing. Here is my sexy husband Henri post-coital, lying amongst our green crumpled sheets, ready to fall asleep. While we go through our ups and downs, the one thing that has […]

Mother Nature

I am made of softness, my skin the color of desert sand. My hair a darkened oak, its leaves entangled with the mighty winds. Upon my breast I carry the clouds, where I have replenished and nourished life; And the dip of my belly and the curve of my thighs have brought men to the […]

Let’s get xxxesty

I’m finishing up my post for Masturbation Monday, when this commercial comes on. I’m not usually one to get turned on by corny commercials, but this was made me tingle a bit. Am I wrong? The way he rubs the dough, the spank, and that bum and chest isn’t so bad to look at either. […]

Summer Green

Summers in New York are killer. Not much because of the heat, although that is never comfortable. The humidity envelopes you the second you step outside. It is the closest thing to being back inside the womb. But, the only silver lining that comes with this season is the skin that comes out of hibernation. […]