“Patience is passion tamed.”

I’ve had some troubles finding a no strings attached/friends-with-benefits situation. And now, I think I have found someone who fits the bill. But making time to see each other is almost close to impossible. However, we met up at 2 o’clock, Saturday morning, and witness the burning of a new star through the blue hue […]

A Different View

When life gives you a different view Take off your glasses (if you wear a pair). Squint your eyes until they water. Distort your vision and paint a portrait. Move your head, from left to right, Spin upside down, tilt your head Until it hurts. Put glasses on (if you don’t wear a pair) And […]

When he came home

I was hungry for his cock, and so I gave him a well deserved, after work blowjob. And then we fucked. And it was amazing. Here is my sexy husband Henri post-coital, lying amongst our green crumpled sheets, ready to fall asleep. While we go through our ups and downs, the one thing that has […]

A Light

I capture sunset, years gone by, with a gentle spark and A moment of passion, now held in the hands of the past. Sometimes, I have to light my own way, Even if the cost is the weight of oxygen, Just to feel whole again, alive and on fire. -Scarlett

Pink Flash

“You could be my flamingo  ‘Coz pink is the new kinda lingo  Pink like a deco umbrella  It’s kink – but you don’t ever tell her Pink it was love at first sight  Pink when I turn out the light, and  Pink gets me high as a kite  And I think everything is going to […]

A ghost from fucks past

This week I have been feeling more like myself. I am sick still, this time with a wicked chest cold, but I’m fine any other way, and my sexy hormones have made a resurgence in tenacity. However, Sir Dre is still not feeling back to his old self, and now that I find myself ready […]

Seismic stress release

We were lounging on our bed, Henri waiting for his brother Pierre to pick him up in his new pre-owned car. Brothers always competing. While we waited, he slips his hands in my shirt, as he always does, to fondle my braless nipples, which they are always free when I’m at home. My chest is […]