Boobday: Before and After

Today’s Boobday prompt stumped me. I’m in a position where I can’t have sex this week, so a titty shot taken before and after coitus was out of the question. Before and after a shower? Ehh. I wasn’t into that option. And then on Twitter someone  mentioned covered/uncovered. And eureka! I chose two images from […]

A Different View

When life gives you a different view Take off your glasses (if you wear a pair). Squint your eyes until they water. Distort your vision and paint a portrait. Move your head, from left to right, Spin upside down, tilt your head Until it hurts. Put glasses on (if you don’t wear a pair) And […]

I’m allowed a Lover

This has been one of the coldest winters in New York City history, but the fires within me have not dwindled. Although I have had despondent moments these past few months, my sex drive doesn’t show signs of slowing down. With every unsatisfactory week passing by, I’ve grown more restless with need. With new responsibilities at […]

And then I get emails like this… (2)

Sir Dre and I don’t usual communicate through email anymore. Ever since our physical relationship started, it hasn’t been necessary. The last time he sent me an email was in January, two weeks after we began speaking. However, every so often, especially if we are  unable to communicate because of things going on in our […]

I love giving blow jobs

I love to give blow jobs, and always have, at least on Henri. Now that I have found my mouth on more shafts, I am an unabashed cock slut. For me, cock sucking is a session on its own and just as satisfying as having sex. Henri was the first, and up until last year, […]

Underneath a broad umbrella

I sit in bed as I begin to type this, the windows wide open at the opposite ends of my apartment, a magnificent cross breeze inspiring these words. It has just begun raining here in New York City, a beautiful rain that leaves pleasant bubbles on my window screen, and falls straight down, the wind […]

Dinner Plans

Today, I spoke to Sir Dre on the phone. I told him about my naughty phone search and the punishment that Henri gave me. Which by the way, let me tell you, was PHENOMENAL. We showered together, one of our favorite things to do. Of course while we were in there, we began to fondle each […]

April 26th 2013 is Boobday!

Want to know what Boobday is all about? Click the button at the end of the post! Since last Boobday, I’ve cried once, lost my shit twice, learned more things about myself both outside and in the BDSM lifestyle and regrouped all in time for this weeks’ Boobday. I’m ready to start the weekend, how […]

The Quiet Beggar

He tells me that begging will mean I am comfortable with Him. That I will reach a level where I trust him fully and know I can shamelessly plead for his cock Or the stroke of his firm hand behind the flogger And not give it a second thought. When I learn to beg I […]