This is my place

I come here to vent. To tell my side of the story; my truth. And the truth is, if you want to hear Henri’s side, you’re not going to. Before it has been typed and published here, he has heard it first. The things I need to tell him, I do. “I want more romance… […]

Try a little tenderness 

Most days, this is my inner-response when Henri pushes for sex. He insists, I resist. I give in every so often, just to release some steam from his pot. I have remained adamant that I will not enjoy myself unless he gives me something to enjoy. There was a time that the mere view of […]

The Weight of a Marriage

While I’d like to say that I took such a hiatus from blogging because I’ve been having this phenomenal sex life and I’ve been much too busy to write about it, that’s not the case (and it rarely, if ever, is). All my absences from the blogosphere has been because of some type of crisis, […]


I created burrows in my bed. Wrinkled messes of sheets and a fleece cover. I dig in to hide myself. I don’t want to be seen or heard. Not to be cared for. Please. Leave. Me. Alone. When I close the curtain, the darkness floods the walls, and my shadows finally creep and surround me. I […]

Caught in the net again

I’m on a ride of hormones and god damned fucking emotions! The littlest things just make me retreat into my head, and I’m reverted back to my adolescence. The boom box has been replaced with an iPod and the cup of iced tea converted into a glass of honey Whiskey, but the emotions are the […]

I love giving blow jobs

I love to give blow jobs, and always have, at least on Henri. Now that I have found my mouth on more shafts, I am an unabashed cock slut. For me, cock sucking is a session on its own and just as satisfying as having sex. Henri was the first, and up until last year, […]


The feelings come in layers of immense waves. First comes the trigger. This time it was the air blowing from the fan. The coolness caressed my skin, and I was brought back to the hotel room, and the air conditioner, turned to its coldest setting. I lift my shirt so that my sleeping nipples could […]

The First Mark

Thursday was the day that I proved my worth to my Sir.  Instead of calling someone else, He called me.  I satiated His hunger for Dominance, never questioning, Fulling submitting. There were tears that fell,  pain from my core, Hurting from his thrust mixed with agony from the things that I can’t control.  Still I […]

Because I was selfish

Hello blogosphere! I hope that your summer has been divine. But if it not, I hope that from here on out it gets better. I have dipped my toes in and out of the blogging world every so often this summer, with the intent of writing more than I actually have. But, if life does […]