They Don’t Know You

The memories, these feelings I can no longer abate As I jot these words down with a flourish of hate. People sing your praises, honesty far-flung You are selfish and borderline cruel; should I go on? Deceitful, you have twisted lies and lives To ensure that only your breed survives. Your love is a plague […]

Counting my blessings

A Christmas free of worry while I enjoy my son’s smiles.  Finding my ultimate, favorite holiday movie on Demand from my cable television company. My niece, who has begged to stay at my home for weeks, is here. And she brought dolls. Squeeeeeel!!! For making the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2013 list. Holyfuckingshitballsinapeartree!  For making Beck’s Top 25 […]

Because I was selfish

Hello blogosphere! I hope that your summer has been divine. But if it not, I hope that from here on out it gets better. I have dipped my toes in and out of the blogging world every so often this summer, with the intent of writing more than I actually have. But, if life does […]

The Wonder of Weddings

Did you know that the two events in life that can either break apart a family, or bring them all together, are weddings and funerals? Perhaps it is not a scientific fact, but from experience, I know it is true. My mother-in-law went into full ‘bridezilla’ mode, in a way I never thought this sweet […]

Learning Lessons

While attempting to write my Wicked Wednesday post, the prompt being BDSM, I was going to recount the past few months and what I have learned so far. And then this happens… Let me go back just a little bit. Sir Dre and I met on Friday for our third session together. Where the last […]


I sat in my living room Monday, finishing up my Masturbation Monday post, when my phone rang. I knew before I looked at the screen that it was Sir Dre. “Hello.” I heard some static and then his deep voice. “Hello Yum-Yum.” “Good evening Sir,” and there came the smile. It still made me giggle […]