Train of Thought: Weekend Edition

  • I’m listening to a song Henri and I fucked to earlier.
  • Such a good quickie. Damn. I missed those.
  • Last night I gave Henri his first blow job in our brand new car, parked near an overhead highway. Surprisingly uncomfortable for me, but such a turn on to see him enjoy it.
  • We drove around, almost aimlessly and it wasn’t bad. Afterward, we went to meet up with someone I’ve been talking to.
  • It was awkward, at first. But then, it was fine. Honestly, just two adults meeting each other.
  • But in the back of my mind, I thought about giving them both a blow job at the back seat of our car.
  • It felt rejuvenating, like momentarily shaving off the past ten years or so, when we used to do naughty things in public.
  • I’ve lost my touch, but I think with more practice I’ll get my sense of daring back.
  • I’m already thinking about summer scenarios.
  • And the sooner I learn to drive, the sooner we can expand on whom we can share those experiences with.
  • In our effort to be more adventurous, we quickly snapped a photo of my boob while touring a New York City and National Landmark.


  • I want to try Dee’s Scavenger Hunt. I think it will be a lot more fun now with the car.
  • It will also add some extra spark, and give our camera new usage.
  • I wish we could have taken a better photo. We were rushed, there was a group of people coming, and this was our first time.
  • But thinking about it gets me extremely excited.
  • I am so glad you can see the people behind us…
  • I’m getting kinda’ open.
  • I’m back to being super damn horny. I have a “meeting” coming later this weekend with someone whom I’ve been speaking to and have hung out with a few times. Even Henri has met him, and thought he was a “cool dude.”
  • When I saw him Saturday, I asked if he was ready. I hope he is.
  • I’m not sure what he’s like in bed, but I’ve already told him I’m will to work with what he gives me.
  • Even if that means tying him down on the bed and using him as a fuck toy. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy that idea.
  • His cock is a thing of awesomeness.
  • His veins look like lightning bolts beginning at the base and rippling through the shaft, stopping a bit past half way. I’ve masturbated to thought of tracing each one with my tongue.
  • Oh the things I want to do to that man. If he could see inside my head…
  • I’ve masturbated twice today and I want more.
  • My body is on the brink of desperation for this week to pass quickly by. I can’t wait to suck his dick.
  • I’m wet. I’m going to fuck my husband now.


2 thoughts on “Train of Thought: Weekend Edition

  1. I’m glad of your new found adventurous spirit. I enjoy your words and the view… :)
    Charles recently posted…Personification – FWF PromptMy Profile

    • Scarlett Dubois

      Thank you! I hope the view gets better with more exposure. :-) xxx

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